About Us

We are based in Scotland and have been making Latex items for many years.

We have mostly concentrated on one off unique items over the years, but love the use of colours and hope you enjoy how we try to make stunning colour combinations for you to wear.

Now with the launch of our own website you can experience our quality latexwear for yourself, and rest safe in the knowledge that we take pride in the quality of our products and hope you will get to enjoy them for a long time.

We aim to add new products as time permits. 

You can watch several online clips of our work at latexfashiontv and Latex247 

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us, including..


LatexandLingerie , Pandemonium_Photos , VicBusseyPhotography, Sigodsave, Wildstylephotography.

Apologies to anyone I may have forgotten to include.

Should you need a photographer.

I personally know and I highly recommend John from LatexandLingerie, based in London.

(on Instagram @latexandlingerie),

Also Mike from Pandemonium_Photo, based in Edinburgh ,

(who you can also find on Instagram @pandemonium_photo).

Both these guys are truly amazing and I hope you will go check them out !

and thanks go to the amazing LatexfashionTV. Click the link and go follow their channel on Youtube!

The Gorgeous Models we have worked with more than once





Other models we've been fortunate to work with include 

Anna.Lina, lilith_vampyre, Gracie_gun, Patricia black peony, blasphemer, 

Natymetal & yaz_altmodel, LatexNikki, Affinity_noir, miss_black_reign, vickivonhelsing and anyone else I have forgotten. 

You can find all these fabulous models on Instagram or Twitter.!

and for website help I'd like to thank some good friends, you know who your are. XX