Colour Guide

Please scroll down to view the colour guide pictures.

We hope these will help you with your colour selections.

Please be advised that the images below may display differently on different mobiles or desktops, and are intended only as a guide.

During sheet latex manufacture batches can sometimes vary slightly in colour.


We have an extensive range of colours in stock, however we don't stock every colour in every thickness, so if you need more information please feel free to email us at

We use latex made by several suppliers including 4D Rubber (4D), Radical Rubber(RR), Yummygummylatex(YG) and LatexRepair(LR). 

Please be aware if we run out of a colour or there is a supplier delay we will contact you prior to starting your order.

We will be adding more colours time permitting.

Red and Pinks

BluesBlack to whitePurplesGreens