Just some of our work so far. Keep watching!

'The Planets' Dress and Gloves

Made from Galaxy Yummygummylatex, it features several planets, comets and shooting stars, with some that actually glow blue or other colours, under a purple spectrum UV light, as you can see from the picture. 

The gloves are made from just RR Black latex however the glowing moon and comets make this really eye catching.

Totally unique as the latex and planets are variable, so no two items will ever be the same. 

This will be available in our store shortly!

Shown here the fabulous 'xx_blasphemer_xx captured brilliantly by amazing photographer LatexandLingerie.

The 'Death' Dress

Made especially for the gorgeous 'Thrash_monroe' (pictured), the dress was one of the Band inspired collections we did. Complete with the 'Death' Band logo featured on the front which actually glows blue under UV light, it also features 'O' rings and straps with a low cut back. Complete with matching gloves the outfit is a real head turner and I think you'll agree the picture taken by VicBusseyPhotography certainly shows that perfectly.

The Long Gown

This amazing dress got the largest amount of hits on Instagram of any of our work.

The picture shown here, taken by the amazing photographer LatexandLingerie, of the gorgeous Chloe.anna.marie, just shows how stunning this long gown made from specially commissioned Yummygummylatex really is.

We may add a version of this dress to the shop shortly, so keep watching.


Sabbra Cadabbra

This is probably one of our favourite dresses. Made specifically with Chloe.anna.marie in mind.

Being a long time fan of the band Black Sabbath we always had a notion to do something to celebrate them. The side slit halter dress has not only the band logo and winged devil, but also has the bloody hands running around the neck and across the dress as you can see. Not only that but we used some of Yummygummylatex to make it glow in the dark.

The devil as you can see glows under UV light. This fabulous picture was captured by the amazing LatexandLingerie.


In a stunning picture take by super talented Pandemonium_Photos of the stunningly beautiful SabienDemonia. Semi trans catsuit on a beautiful lady and in a fabulous picture..does it get any better than this?

The Eyes Of Horus

After approximately a month of applique work we finally finished this amazing catsuit for the gorgeous Cynthicorn , and it made it's first appearance at RubberCult.

The outfit included the hood shown with the Eyes of Horus. The catsuit also featured Hieroglyphics and multiple Egyptian symbols which I'm sure an Egyptologist would be happy to give you more details on. The cape shown we didn't make, but certainly adds to the feel. Perhaps some of our finest work?

The First

This outfit was the first to come under the spotlight of the legendary LatexfashionTV.

Captured brilliantly by Wildstylephotography the fabulous model 'Lestrangemergoth_' just rocked in this dress. It's actually another of sheets of the bleecher latex we got from Yummygummylatex..and this also glows blue or purple under different UV lighting.  Stunning we think you'll agree.

The Volcano

 Worn here by the fabulous Affinity Noir the dress and gloves create a stunning look. Inspired by the sight of a volcanic eruption viewed at night, they are made using latex made for us by the amazing yummygummylatex.

We think you'll agree this is a real knockout!!