Measuring Guide

Please find below a simple guide to help you get your measurements right. 

For obvious reasons, it's very important. We will make a pattern to your if the measurements are is the pattern.

The picture below has numbers on it which correspond to each description. below the image. We hope you find this more helpful.

1.Bust Measurement.

Measure round the fullest part of the bust.


Take the measurement around your natural waist. Once you have done this tie a piece of string firmly around your waist as this will help with your vertical measurements.


Measure the widest part of the hips which is roughly 21cm below your waistline.

4. Back width

Measure your back width roughly 15cms down from base of your neck at the back. Do not measure arm to arm. Be guide by the measure armsocket to arm socket.

5. Chest

Measure the chest 7cms down from the base of the neck at the front.Again this is just across the from socket to socket. Not all the way round.


From Base of neck to the bone on top of your shoulder.

7. Neck

Measure around your neck.

9.Top Arm

Measure around your bicep.

10. Wrist

Measure around your wrist so its comfortable.

11. Ankle

Measure around the ankle bone.

12.High Ankle

Measure your leg just above the ankle.

13. Nape to waist.

Measure from the base of you neck at the back, down to the string tied around your waist.

14. This does not need to be measured.

15. Measuring Armscye Depth.

In this diagram ignore where 15 is marked. Your armscye measurement basically locates the base of the arm hole. It allows you to have arm holes big enough to fit your arm in comfortably. So measuring down your back from the base of your neck to a point slightly below your arm socket..As a rough guide it is normally in the range of 19-24 cms depending on your standard dress size. If you measure more or less than that, I would remeasure it.

Alternatively contact us for guidance.

16. Skirt Length

In this diagram, it shows skirt length as below the knee. If ordering a dress or skirt please measure down from your waist to where you wish your item to finish length wise. We also suggest you measure around that point to tell us how wide or narrow you wish this. Obviously if you seek a hobble skirt then your legs will be tight together. If you wish to be able to walk comfortably the measure accordingly.

(Please note that you should measure at the front and back to make sure the balance is even.)

17. Waist to Hip

Self explanatory. As a rough guide we would expect that around 20-22cms.

18. Waist to Floor

Self explanatory, however we suggest for accuracy you measure from the string around your waist at the back down to the floor. 

19. Body Rise

Body Rise often confuses people. It is basically a measurement which runs from your waist down to what is termed the crotch depth line.. (which is generally a measurement around your body roughly 7 cms below your hips measurement, which locates the widest part of your hips at the tops of your legs).

To find your actual body rise if you sit on a firm flat surface, as pictured.  Take a measurement from your waist at the side down to the firm surface.

If you find your waist to hips measurement is more than you body rise, you have gone wrong somewhere. Body rise will always be the higher figure.

20. Sleeve length

Place your hand on your hip so your arm is bent.Now measure from the shoulder bone down over the elbow to the wrist bone above your little finger.

Other Measurements

When giving up measurements, can you please include

  1. Your Height
  2. Your standard Dress Size.
  3. Waist to Waist Measurement.(This is taken from your waist at the front, through your legs to your waist at the back) Normally we would expect a measurement between 58 - 70 cms.
  4. Anything else you think we need to know.