Latex Care Guide

Latex Rubber is a natural product, which will last you a long time if you look after it.

Some Useful Tips

Avoid leaving Latex unwashed, damp or wet after use.

After use, wash your latex.

Wash in clean warm water, avoid using soap or anything containing detergents. You can also wash using cleaning solutions such as Vivishine, who produce a washing aid. Wash then rinse in luke warm water.

Wipe off excess water with a towel then leave to dry. 

Lightly dust with talc or dip in polish such as Vivishine and allow to dry before storing. Always store away from direct sunlight preferably in a garment cover in a wardrobe or a black plastic bag in a draw. please remember if using a hanger avoid anything metal.

Keep leather and latex separate when storing. When in contact Leather will stain Latex.

It may sound obvious..but DO NOT use a Tumble dryer, Washing Machine, Soap Powder or an Iron. DO NOT Dry Clean Latex.

Most people will use talc or a dressing aid to help you put your latex on.

Be extremely careful should you have long fingernails. They can hole or tear latex very easily. 

You will most likely want to Polish your latex , and there are many good polishes available such as Vivishine, including polishing clothes specifically designed to give you the perfect shiny look. We recommend Vivishine and hope to stock it shortly. 

Things to Remember

Latex is flammable so avoid naked flames.

Latex will discolour in contact with metals and coins. Even handling coins then touching latex can cause staining. Also prolonged exposure to UV and sunlight.

Once staining has occurred it is almost impossible to fix.

When wearing latex you may sweat..drink plenty to avoid getting dehydrated.

Enjoy wearing your Latex and have fun.