Pump it up

As we add inflateables to our site, such as our new horn hoods etc, we thought it would be helpful to post a guide on how to use the pumps and valves, just in case it's your first time using them. 

Please find below some photos to illustrate our guide, plus the obligatory customer safety info.

Included in the box we send with your order, is the air pump and it’s attachments. The basic principle is the same as a bicycle/football pump.  

(Please keep the pump out of reach of children when not being used. As you see from the below picture,  the needle parts are small enough but sharp enough to cause a child injury, so best to be safe)

Attach /screw in one of the needle inserts then screw the connector to the pump itself. The bit you move in and out is the clear plastic bit at the end. The faster you move it, the more air you pump in..easy 

Shown above you can see the hole and the needle insert. 
To insert the needle section pinch either side of the hole and gently push in the needle part. ( Be careful not to puncture the latex as you insert the needle )

Once inserted as shown above, begin pumping to inflate. Remove from valve once inflated. Like a balloon be careful not to over inflate. 

To deflate reinsert needle ..let air out as required ..then remove needle.

These are very simple and easy to use once you get used to them.

We hope this wee guide helps ..