Ladies Latex Leggings (High Waist with added Crotch Zipper)

Ladies Latex Leggings (High Waist with added Crotch Zipper)

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Our gorgeous leggings now available with an added 10 inch lined Black or red crotch zipper. You decide.

So just how amazing are you going to look in a latex pair of leggings?

Everyone who buys our leggings comment how well they fit and just how comfortable they are. So maybe you should give ours a try and see what you've been missing.

These are custom handmade leggings, which means we request your sizes then make a pattern to your sizes.

Available in  many colours, not only is latex a natural product, but it's not like pvc , as it will last for years if you look after it and isn't bad for the environment. 

Go treat yourself now!

Once your order we will contact you for measurements.


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