Red Latex Shoulder Bag
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Latex Shoulder Bag
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Latex Shoulder Bag

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We designed this super cute latex bag recently, because we had lots of people telling us that when they attended events..they were spending lots on wearing the most fabulous outfits, but had to take a normal hand or shoulder bag with them. 

We thought..this must be quite frustrating..having to carry about a normal handbag that is probably more bulky than you need and that doesn't match your outfit.

So here we are..the perfect latex shoulder bag, with adjustable 60 inch long strap, strengthened to stop any bounce, that can carry the essential things you need without being bulky. You can let it hang from your shoulder or wear it across you. 

One of our friends posted online just how much she got in the bag as you can see from the picture..plenty of room for makeup, a mobile, perfume, money, and maybe a small bottle of polish to keep you shiny. It even has an inner small pocket for holding cards or perhaps your tickets.

We have reinforced the bag , and it's press closure too. What more could you want?  It's also available in quite a few colours, so the question you should maybe be asking is..why haven't I bought one yet?

We think if you buy one you're gonna love it!!